Manila born, San Francisco Bay Area raised, Canadian citizen.

I studied Professional Writing and Visual Culture Communications with a focus on Linography at the University of Toronto and am currently studying to get my certification for Makeup Artistry specializing in Fashion, Film & Television.

I am part of a husband/wife creative duo, living in NY. He, an economics grad turned web developer, is greatest supporter and encourager of this endeavour.

I have a passion for all things related to beauty, fashion, design and travel. My somewhat eclectic, experimental and adventurous taste is an accumulation of all the diverse cultures that I’ve lived in and has helped shape who I am. I am complex in my simplicities, being a lover of random things such as: comic books, anime, music, and food!

An avid blogger, I have had numerous blogs focusing on my passions but mostly just wrote about my personal life and experiences. I jumped into the world of beauty blogging in 2010 with a nail art blog, And while I still have a soft spot for nail polish, I have been a lover of cosmetics since I was a child. One of my first memories is playing with my mother’s Estee Lauder blush and wishing I could get pink cheeks like Snow White.

This blog is the documentation of my journey in finding the beauty all around me; from my travels near and far, life experiences, discoveries and adventures.